10 Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Away

Web traffic is the main purpose of building a website. After traffic has been generated, it is important to ensure that visitors remain on the site, look through it, and ultimately make a purchase. A website’s primary purpose is to drive traffic and business. If your website is driving customers away due to a variety of reasons, it is important to understand why and fix the problem. Many websites are optimized well and attract lots of traffic. However, they fail to keep customers on their website and make them want to browse it again. Customers can leave for many reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why your website could be driving customers away.

1. Slow loading time

Internet browsers have become accustomed to visiting fast-loading websites. People don’t need to wait for pages to load when visiting websites such as Google or Facebook. Most viewers don’t have the patience to wait for websites to load for more than two to five seconds. Visitors will leave your website if it takes too long to load.

2. Mobile responsiveness is essential

People spend more time on their smartphones today, whether they are browsing content, shopping, or making payments. If you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, you will lose a lot of your customers. If you want to attract viewers and increase sales, your website must be mobile-friendly. Your website should be responsive on all devices and all screen sizes. This will ensure that you don’t alienate potential customers.

3. Poor navigation

Your website visitors will be confused if they see too many options within the main navigation. It is crucial to determine which links should be promoted on the homepage and which can be displayed on the pages within the website. The page will look messy and confuse new visitors if there are too many options. Visitors who find it difficult to find what they are looking for will leave the site and go to another one. It is important that the navigation be designed so that customers can easily find where they need to go to search for what they are looking for. Simple terms are best, so everyone can understand the menu. It is easy to see and understand headings such as ‘shop’, ‘basket’, ’cart, & ‘sale,’ etc.

4. Automated Music or Video

Unwanted and disruptive music is a no-no. It can disrupt your visitor’s viewing experience. Visitors may leave the site if they hear loud music or see unwanted videos. The website should allow viewers to decide what media they want to view. They shouldn’t be forced to do so. They may browse while they work, or while they travel in public transport. If they hear loud music suddenly, they might be embarrassed and leave your site.

5. Call to Actions

Visitors who visit your website will not be able to navigate it efficiently if you do not have a clear call to action. Visitors may come to your website because they are looking for specific information. However, visitors won’t be able to find it easily if there isn’t a clear call to action. Visitors will abandon your website if they are unable to find the information they seek and go to another website. Your website should clearly indicate the steps to take.

6. Pop-ups should be avoided when a visitor visits your site.

Pop-ups are not something your visitor wants to deal with. The Pop-ups that are unnecessary may prevent the viewer from accessing the content they are most interested in. While a few pop-ups such as CTAs are useful for driving viewers to the pages they need, it is not recommended that there be too many. Pop-ups can be annoying and distracting.

7. Backgrounds

Avoid using website backgrounds that are black or gray. These backgrounds can make it hard to read the text and can cause eye irritation. Use background colors that are gentle on the eyes, but still make it easy to read the content.

8. Sign up process

Many people don’t enjoy long signup procedures. People don’t like the time it takes to sign up for your website and make a purchase. It is not fun to answer endless questions or enter innumerable details just to purchase something. Keep the sign-up process short and simple. Get the customer to the final purchase page quickly and efficiently, so they don’t lose interest.

9. Content is important today.

People browse websites and search online before making a purchase. Poor content on your website will make it difficult for customers to decide whether to purchase your product or not. Your website may lack blogs, creative content, or demos of your products. This can cause potential customers to leave. Your visitors will trust you more if you are transparent and helpful. Your website should not only promote your company and its products. It should also provide content to educate the buyers. If this happens, they will be less likely to trust you and move on to websites that are more informative and can answer their questions.

10. Contact Information

If you don’t have contact information on your website, then you are in serious trouble. Contact information builds trust among visitors. Even if the viewers don’t intend to contact the company, the information builds credibility. It is important that contact information be clearly visible. It should include all information such as phone number, email address, and location address.

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