website 5 advantages of having one for you business

Setting up a website for your business can feel like a hassle, but if we’re being truthful so can filling taxes and we have to do those. Both are necessary to the survival (and growth) of your business future. Not that there is any need to worry when you can outsource to a website designing company in Tanzania such as Elegant Codes. Today, we’re discussing 5 reasons why, but first let’s crunch some numbers.

According to Statista, a world-renowned site for official statistics and data, Tanzania has a 43% internet penetrative rate which is 18.6% above the standard traffic rate. This is a major advantage when it comes to sales and affiliate marketing. On top of that, Adweek discovered that 81% of people check websites before making a purchase, so there’s a huge chance to bag them before they look elsewhere. It’s an even larger bonus for small to medium companies since studies found that 50% of those types of businesses surveyed were now using their websites as their primary marketing channel, a figure which has no doubt increased with the Covid-19 situation and it likely to be the new way of life.

If the stats didn’t peak your interest, here are 5 more reasons to get a web designing in Tanzania.

  1. You look more legit.

Presentation is everything. A better cover sells a book. A straight smile sells a product. And a website sells a brand. It makes you seem legitimate and cohesive. Anyone can call themselves a business on social media but a website is so much more official. You might be amazing at what you do, but less people trust a business without a site.

2. All-in-one access

It’s always frustrating for customers to have to jump from page to page, whether that’s cashing in a coupon, booking a service or catching up on the latest news with your business, it’s better to have a funnel to a website. They’re easily linked to all social media outlets, payment functions and email accounts. Never underestimate the value of convenience for clients.

3. Wider reach

As of 2020, 4.66 billion people (59 percent of the global population) used the Internet. That is a lot of potential customers. Even if 0.001% looked at your site that would be 46600. Considering Facebook, TikTok and Instagram are banned in many countries, it’d be a waste not to have a website.

4. 24/7 shopping

A website is available all day, every day: catching those late night shoppers, shift workers and last minute lookers.

5. Knowing your customers

The data on websites is highly effective for business planning. It can track who is viewing, who is making purchases and where hidden markets are. This makes it an excellent tool for working out demographics, predicting sales and finding ways to better satisfy customers.

What are you waiting for? Increase your profits, attract new clients and build your brand today with a web designing company in Tanzania. Elegant Codes is here for you and your business.