7 thing to consider before choosing a web hosting company

Creating a website for your business in Tanzania is one of the first things one has to do to give your business an online presence. With that there has to be some website hosting involved. Most times hosting companies claim to provide services like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited email some provide free SSL certificate. As you consider all these factors you also have to be sure that the company provides an uptime of 99% or higher, 24/7 support and more.  Elegant code is the best web designing company in Tanzania that help businesses grow. We do this by educating on the best practices when it comes to web development and designing. We once learned of  Things to consider before building a website. So today we are going to look at the seven factors to consider when choosing a reliable web hosting company.

Uptime score, server reliability and security

Your website should and must always be online, therefore uptime is one factor that should crucially be taken into consideration. Unstable network connections and weak server can push your website offline. This will deny viewership and possible sales and even worse lower you ranking in search engines line Google and Bing. You have to choose a hosting company that has an uptime score of 99% and above. Anything below 99% will hinder your site’s success.

In addition to higher uptime score and server reliability, you have to make sure that you have a trusted and secure hosting solution and data accessibility at all times.

Site Backups availability

In this “online era” sometimes things don’t go as planned. There is a wave of cyber threats like ransomware that may affect your websites. In those cases your website may go down and cause irreparable damages. Under those circumstances you will have to rely on you backups to get back online. Therefor it very important to only engage a hosting service provider that offers regular website data backup.

Customer Service

Technical errors do occur. Ask yourself this “How speedy and effective is the company in providing technical support?”. This support should be a live 24/7 support either by a live chat or telephone. Some companies provide email support, social media support and also support tickets. You may read reviews about a company to see if they have positive feedback when it comes to customer service and support.

Add-on Domains availability

You may have a brilliant initial idea for a website then later come to realize that you need addition websites, subdomain or multiple domain names. Before you sign-up to any hosting company just make sure that their packages allow adding and running of multiple website on a single hosting account. Take the time to research different service plans that will allow you to scale over time.

Email Options

After your business website has been designed and starting bringing in traffic and leads, it is your email addresses that will be used to receive feedback and subscriber. This email should not be an @gmail.com, @yahoo.com etc. When looking for the right web hosting company, you have to pick the one that provides emails hosting for your website’s primary email, that is @yourdomain.com (.net, .co.tz, .org etc).

Choose a web hosting company that provides unlimited emails and preferably unlimited space. All this has to come at an affordable price.

Account Limitations.

Most hosting companies claim to provide unlimited services. But when you dig deeper you will realize some limitations. This is because every company has a set of terms and conditions whose violations results in permanent or temporal discontinuation of your hosting service or even extra charges.

The key here is to take time to carefully go through these terms and only sign up for the services if you are willing to abide by them. This will save you time and money.

Registration and Maintenance Costs

Usually most business consider this as the first factor and ignoring all the above factors. We have put this last so that you first understand other factors first. Most hosting providers offers attractive hosting deals during sign up. The initial price (we call it ENTRY PRICE) can be very low. However, the renewal charges can surprisingly triple. To avoid the surprise, take time to check the renewal charges for your preferred package before signing up.

As your website grows you may find that your shared hosting plan doesn’t accommodate your needs and it may demand a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

As the leading web design company in Tanzania with more than 10 years expertise in web development that is all we can advise when considering to host your website.