How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

Elegant Codes is often asked by clients when they should update or redesign their websites. We understand that every organization is different. However, there are questions and tips to help you decide the right timeline for your website.

If you answered “no” to any questions below, it’s time for a website upgrade or complete redesign.

Is your website older than five years?

We recommend updating or completely redesigning your website at least every two to five years in order to stay relevant and competitive. Your website may be more than five years old and you’re likely not offering the best user experience for your clients or customers.

It is important to monitor your competitors’ websites for design trends. Website visitors will usually interpret a company’s website as more modern or fresh if it looks better.

Is it possible to update your website yourself?

You should be able to update your website internally for urgent announcements and frequent content changes. Many businesses have needed to update their COVID-19 details for customers in recent months. People who could update their website in-house saved money and time.

Elegant Codes websites come with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which allows clients to easily make updates without any programming knowledge.

Is your website compatible with your smartphone?

Fully responsive websites will be easy to navigate from a smartphone with a mobile menu. They also have easy-to-click buttons and text that can be read without zooming. Try your website out on your smartphone. A great way to test your website is to ask someone you know to look at it. Then, watch how they interact with the website. You may need to update your website or redesign it to make your mobile compatibility better.

Mobile-friendly reasons to redesign your website

  • Google prefers mobile-friendly websites. You can test your website using this tool online for free:
  • Your mobile visitors should have a positive experience which will result in increased reach, engagement, and leads.
  • Keep ahead of the rest by providing a consistent experience across all devices.
  • A mobile-friendly website makes it easier to manage your SEO campaigns and website maintenance. Responsive web design allows you to maintain only one website.

Is your website properly displaying your company’s services?

The services you offer are likely to change over time, so it is important that your website accurately represents your company. Website visitors will first see your website and compare it to other competitors. You must not lose out on potential customers simply because they didn’t know you provided the service they need.

Are your staff pages up-to-date?

Staff headshots and bio pages are the most out-of-date areas. It is a good idea to review your staff pages every year and take new headshots every one-to-three years. People want to get to know the people of the company before they make a decision about who to do business with. Your team will feel more connected to potential clients and existing clients if you include friendly headshots and brief bios.

Are your photos up-to-date?

Your website’s photos should be updated every one to three years. You can refresh your website by adding new photos without needing to redesign the entire site.

Are you ranked well on Google?

SEO is a constant battle with Google and your website. Your SEO will be stronger if you regularly evaluate your rankings and compare your competitors.

Google’s job is to give the searcher the most relevant results on the page. Google’s job is to provide the searcher with the most relevant results high up on the page.


Ideas for Content Updates:

  • Use a newsroom section or blog section: Regular updates to your website can help improve your rankings. These articles can include employee spotlights, client cases, educational articles, and industry news. To increase traffic to your site, share these articles via your social media.
  • Make a page for each service. In order to rank high for key phrase searches, such as the service you offer, it is essential to have pages for each service. This is known as “Cornerstone Content”, and it allows each page to be optimized for the search phrase. This could mean that if one page lists several services, it might be diluted. You might consider adding pages to each service or creating articles in a newsroom on your website that is related to the topics you want to appear in search engines.
  • Add a section for client reviews to your website. Keep it updated with new reviews frequently. Reviews play a vital role in the decision-making process of potential customers. You can add reviews to your website to allow for frequent updates and to increase the trust of potential customers to get in touch with you.

This article was helpful in helping you decide if it is time to update or redesign your website. For more information about how we can create a website that accurately reflects your company, please contact us at +255 747 95 66 66 for your website redesign or a brand new one.