Directing customers to your business website in Tanzania is great. That traffic is only going to be an asset to you, especially if you know how to use it. That’s why in today’s post Elegant Codes are bringing you a mini masterclass on the best ways to make money with your small business website. Let’s begin.


Ecommerce is the process of selling through your site. This could be through a storefront which can be created with easy access add ons and apps like Shopify. This let’s you reach a much wider audience and allows local customers to shop 24/7. It’s a win-win situation.


Affiliate marketing might sound technical but it really isn’t. You simply attach the link to your page with a httml (or let Elegant Codes do it for you) and earn. There are two ways that you can do this. Either by attaching a product link which earns you commission on sales, usually around 5% to 20%, or by click through revenue when someone clicks on an advert through your site.

Once set up there is very little work to do!


Much in the same way as you can add a store front, you can add a donate button with PayPal, Cashapp and other sites. This is particularly useful if you offer something for free like a blog or ebook.


Having a website with a subscribe to newsletter function will increase who sees your updates. They will be relevant and more likely to purchase your products since they’re already searching you anyway. From there they will be reminded of and siphoned back to your site whenever you pop into their inbox. If you have an online store this is great, but even if not it keeps you in the forefront of their mind when considering a purchase.

This also works for linking to other sites you may hold which earn you money through traffic, like Twitch Affiliate, YouTube earnings or Instagram revenues.


For our final point we want to end on something that will give you not only profits but wealth in other ways. Connecting with the customer gets to the core of what you love about your industry, reinvigorates your excitement and connects you to the community. And nothing sells better than passion for the product. Your small business website in Tanzania is one more way to show it.

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