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You probably have already hired some web designing company in Tanzania to create you website and thought you are done with it. But then again you start hearing this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and don’t know what it is. Or you may have some basic understanding but you still haven’t grasped on this complex topic.

Well here at Elegant Codes , the top SEO company in Tanzania, we will break it down for you and make it easy to understand. Here we will look at what SEO is and then in another article will see why SEO is very important.

Let’s repeat, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is made up of various elements, and learning what they are and how they work is very important. Creating a website that is not visible is to me “a waste of money and time”. So SEO primary significance is to make your website visible, and when it is visible it means more traffic and hence more opportunities to convert prospects to customers.

It is a valuable tool to build relationships with prospects, building trust, positioning your company as trustworthy in your field and good for brand awareness. So let’s dive in and learn everything you need to know about SEO.

The basic elements of SEO.


You may ask “What is a keyword?”, well lets answer that by a simple example. Let’s say you are looking for a website designing company in Tanzania, to create your company website. What would you do? You are right, you will go to google and search for “Best web designing company in Tanzania”. And our friend google will give you a list of so many results including Elegant Codes. The sentence that you typed into the google’s search box is called a keyword.

Back then we used to overload our website with so many keywords to rank for SEO. Well that technique is no longer effective, it is old school. But that doesn’t mean keywords aren’t crucial. Today, keywords must be carefully chosen and well researched. And they must be properly used in your content to be effective.

While doing research, it is important to look for keywords that have low competition and high search rates. You have to choose short-tail keywords (such as SEO), long-tail keywords (such as SEO company) and local keywords (such as best SEO company in Tanzania) to work in your content.

Your keywords can also be used in your URLs, titles and other on-page SEO elements for better optimization.


Keywords won’t do you any good if you don’t have enough and useful content. Content is king. It is the crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. It is the vehicle you use to reach and engage your website visitors. You are reading this article about SEO because we want to increase our visibility. We publish a series of articles about web designing, SEO, graphic design and more because that is what we do best. When a person want to know anything about those topics our website will come up and he would be able to build a relationship with us by receiving valuable information. When satisfied and the time is ready to buy our services, for instance, we would be the first web designing company to come to his mind.

The content must be educational, relevant, engaging, interesting and also shareable. Your content can be in different forms: Text, infographics, videos, podcasts, social media posts, e-books and whitepaper and local listings.

Local SEO

You are in Dar es Salaam, my guess is you will like to attract more customers from Dar. That is where local SEO comes in play. The more and more people use mobile devices to search makes local SEO becoming increasingly important. Statistics say, 57% of all searches are performed from smartphones and tablets and half of the searches are local.

If you owned a clothing store, for instance, then local SEO would ensure that when people in your area went looking for the best clothes in Dar es Salaam, they will come across your website. Using local SEO alone is not enough. Other local SEO best practices advise on creating location-specific pages on your site, claiming directory listings and creating pages for your business on Google My Business and google maps.

Off-Page SEO

This is an SEO element that involves external optimization practices that do not happen on your website. The main techniques is called “Backlink Building”. This Off-page SEO techniques is done by having backlinks to your site from external sites. These quality backlinks tell search engines that your website is valuable and high-quality and this builds authority.

Guest blogging, creating lots of shareable infographics, mentioning influencers in your content are among the many tactics to backlink building.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is referred to paid marketing efforts. This includes native ads, social media ads, Google Adwords, google shopping ads, pay-per-click, display ads and more.

Although SEO is not usually a  major component of effective and comprehensive SEO strategy, it however does have its place because it can help you reach new and highly targeted audience and hence your content can be shared.

I hope you have learned what it means by SEO. Be rest assured that you will learn a lot more from us, the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company in Tanzania. If you need help with making your website visible to your prospects the give us a call at +255 693936389 and let’s get to work. Please share this article to spread the knowledge, sharing is caring.