why no visitors to my website

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You have spent countless hours designing your website and filling it with useful content. Your site will go live and millions of people will visit your site, review your content, complete your landing page, and share your site’s URL on social media platforms.

This is a dream, but it’s rarely a reality.

Website design and content creation are just the tip of the iceberg when a certain amount of traffic is expected. Even if you have the best content around you, it’s totally useless unless people see and share that content.

The biggest problem most websites have is finding it. So why don’t people visit your site? This is a question with many answers specific to your website. However, there are many things you can do to maximize the chances that your website will be found and shared.

Social Media

Social media is often a way of life and a way for people to find the information they need. Or maybe you didn’t even know what you were looking for. Freelance websites are great, but they need to be complemented by a complete set of social media.

Organizations need to not only provide a web presence to the major players of social media games (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), but also provide those social media platforms to the site itself.

It’s very easy to spread the word to your friends by allowing them to share the content of your site with the click of a button. When convenient, people are much more likely to share something.

But if they need to manually post a link to their social media profile, they probably won’t.

Websites need a Facebook Like button so users don’t have to navigate from the page to become a fan. For the same reason, you also need the “Tweet” option.

It also does no harm to include links to various social media pages so that users can easily add them. Visitors who enjoy your content on social media will probably visit your site to see more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO  is clearly important in attracting visitors to your site. This will help people find you based on their needs through their search queries. Therefore your site should be properly equipped to inform search engines of your content.

The content is King!

Create good content and make sure you have enough of it. Research and identify keywords that your target market is likely to search for. Create content based on them, and provide a constant stream of this content, as always.

The biggest mistake people make is to consider your site as a “set and forget” entity type. Your website needs to be constantly updated to provide new, up-to-date, and useful information. If no new information is generated, why would someone visit your site again?

Ironically, almost every blog we write talks about blogging, which is very important to the health of your website. Blogging is a great way for this stream of content you just talked about.

This is a perfect and easy way to constantly add content to your site without replacing other important content. This content is also very useful for SEO as it is recognized by search engines and used in search engine results.

In addition, easy-to-share blog posts are gold on social media. Blog posts are a great area for the social sharing options described above. People will probably read blog posts suggested by friends, not advertised posts.


These are very useful for both SEO and traffic generation. Backlinks are simply links to your business websites. More specifically, the ideal backlink is a link from a popular or trusted website to your website.

Not all backlinks are created the same. In the past, there was a service that offered to create thousands of backlinks in exchange for a few dollars. These links trick search engines into ranking websites high, but this is a thing of the past.

The backlinks are currently considered based on the reputation of the website and are much more difficult to achieve. Building relationships is the only way to get positive feedback. Contact people in the industry and exchange backlinks.

Taking people to your site and making sure they’re back can be a daunting task, but it’s rewarding. At Elegant Codes, we take pride in creating not only informative websites but also websites where people come back again and again.

The goal of inbound marketing is to provide people with the information they need in exchange for a lasting relationship. Attracting visitors to your site using SEO, blogs, ebooks, and social media is just the first step in this relationship. At Elegant Codes, we use our inbound marketing philosophy to help turn hard-earned visitors into customers. Call us today at +255 749 95 6666 for a free consultation